Domain Names


Domain Name Registration


What are Domain names?


Domains are a human-friendly website address, they make it easier to understand what website you are on and make it easier to find websites, without domain names we would have a bunch of numbers, which would be to confusing. Domain names are used to identify websites. when thinking of a name you should think about what people will use to search for your site, the most common would be your brand or logo such as Blue Monkee.


The domain is the name or address of your website and it is what people will use to find your site on the internet. It is important to use a name that will represent your company but is also easy to remember. For example if you run a coffee shop that is called Chloe’s coffee shop then a suitable name would be, but it is a bit hard to read to make it easier you can add hyphens, also remember to keep it short and simple so it’s easier to remember.

There are so many different domain extensions but you have to think about what best suits you, if you live in the UK and are selling products then a extension is perfect. If you are looking to sell internationally then a .com extension would be more suitable as it is internationally recognised domain for commerce. If you are thinking about setting up a website and are not sure what the web address should be Blue Monkee are here to help and will provide you with the information you need, at Blue Monkee are experienced designers will take care on the domain name registration for you so you don’t have to worry .