The latest web design trends

Web design evolves on an ongoing basis; just take a look at the GIFs and banners from the nineties, to get confirmation that the web demands you stay up-to-date at all times. Lately, responsive web design has been at the forefront of design concepts, as well as mobile ready web designs. Here are just a few web design trends that you will want to pay attention to when working on your website.

One new design trend that is completely opposite to traditional web design is the long scroll. The old thinking was that everything important had to be kept before the ‘fold’, but these days everyone is ready to scroll because of mobile surfing. Therefore, creating a long scroll is a great way to entice browsers to engage with your brand via this storytelling technique. You can still have sections to create a multi-page site, but allow viewers to scroll first before skipping around.

Simple, Effective Design

Sometimes referred to as the hamburger menu, this website design is stark, naked, and effective. Google first pioneered the idea of keeping a website simple, but it is still working today. Offer a simple statement, and a click to allow users to enter the website with an enticing headline such as ‘reveal the truth’, or something that ties into your brand image. Nine times out of ten, people will not only be intrigued, but they will click.

While you’re thinking about keeping things simple, also think about hidden navigation menus. These are becoming more and more popular because they help to clean up the screen and eliminate clutter, which is important when scrolling on mobile devices. Animations can be used to show the menu as needed in a user-friendly way.

However, just because you’re keeping the screen clean does not mean that you can’t have some fun with it. Motion animation is a great way to attract viewers without adding a lot of unnecessary pizazz. Eyes are drawn immediately to action, so adding some gentle movement can help keep a visitor’s attention on the page. Moving animations are great additions to menu items, forms, and CTAs.

Even something as simple as a rotating product can be enough to make the product details a lot more interesting. You can also capitalize on this website trend with background animations that slowly change and move, so they don’t distract from the overall visibility of the site, but still hook the attention of a viewer.


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