Web Design Photography – Why good photography is vital for a new website

Making a good first impression is perhaps the major challenge in any web design project. Get the homepage wrong and a potential customer will move on with the click of a mouse, but get it right and you have their attention, potentially become a client and hopefully, they will return again and again.

Our web design team always strive to make their clients’ homepages as visually appealing as possible. Internet users will make up their minds at a glance, so it’s important to grab their attention straight away. And the best way to do that is through eye-catching images.

And it’s here that a professional photographer with experience in shooting for web design is worth their weight in gold.

Keep it personally

Web design photography belfastToo often businesses look to make savings on photography by using stock images or overloading their pages with text. It’s a false economy. Just as no one would read a newspaper if it contained nothing but slabs of writing, few people will take the time to browse a text-heavy website. There is little point producing scintillating prose if nobody will stay on the page long enough to read it.

True, stock images are a good resource, but they lack personality, and when looking to develop brand identity, personality is paramount. A photograph of you or your products will always trump an identikit image. Furthermore, authentic pictures will more effectively illuminate your company’s values, in the process establishing trust with potential customers.

Hiring a professional

Food photographyOne of the prime benefits of hiring a professional photographer is the ability to tailor your images to suit the story you want to tell, rather than ‘making do’ with whatever stock pictures are available. It’s also a good idea to get your web design team involved with the photographer from the get-go. Collaboration at this early stage will ensure everybody involved in the website is on the same page, so that as the project progresses the images and text used on your new site complement each other. The aim is to create a seamless website that is visually attractive and enticing, easy to navigate and contains no incongruous elements. Getting a professional photographer on board will go a long way to achieving this.

It can also help you avoid potential pitfalls. Most websites today will be responsively designed for viewing across platforms, from mobiles and tablets to PCs. It will, thus, be important to consider how a picture will look at a smaller size, or overlaid with text. The input of a photographer on these issues could save you a headache further on, but more importantly, it could also save you cash and help you hook customers.

Looking a new website??

If you are considering a new website for your business or personal profile get in contact with our team to discuss your options. We can put you in touch with photographers that have a lot of experience taking photos for web design and we trust.


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