Whether or not your business already has a mobile app or mobile website, you’re already somewhat aware that you can use location-based marketing to encourage business to increase. But do you know all the mobile marketing strategies you can implement based on location?

We’ve outlined a few of our most popular ones to make location-based mobile marketing work for you and help grow your business. If you have any queries on how to set these up within your Blue Monkee Mobile App dashboard please get in touch with us.

1. Send location based offers with push notifications
Geo-targeted push notifications allow you to easily target users by location – down to a few hundred foot radius. You can target your users based on where they are, and what goods and services you provide that are relevant to their location. This can help most businesses, from bars to retail outlets, restaurants to medical facilities, libraries to mechanics.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you could circle off a competing location so when patrons pass by your competitor your offer shows up to entice them over to your business!

2. Encourage users to check-in to redeem coupons
So many people these days use check in features, whether it’s through Facebook, or another mobile application. The more people “check in” at your business, the more business you’ll do, because of the exposure you’ll gain over your customer’s social networks. Providing a “check in” ability for customers to use will help spread your business by word of mouth and ensure that you’re being seen by a larger audience.

For example, you can offer special incentives or rewards to loyal customers for “checking in” – it could be anything from a free item, a discount on a purchase, an entry in a giveaway, or something else. It’s totally up to you but make sure it’s relevant to your customers!

3. Place a QR code inside your establishment
Have you seen those strange pixilated squares all over signs these days? Those are QR codes, and they work well mobile apps. Basically, a user sees the code, uses their phone to scan it, and it takes them immediately to a mobile app which they can then download. You can tie in QR codes with special promotions, events or features, so that users are more likely to download the app. You can also tie them into specific content that they can only get from the QR code.

For example, one easy way to utilise QR codes in your small business is to place a QR code for users to download your mobile app from. This seems so simple & obvious, and it is. It also really works to help increase mobile app downloads!

4. Go over your mobile app analytics
Understanding how your customers are interacting with your mobile app is really important. Taking the time to analyse the specific habits of your users can really help you market your business and provide them with what they need and want.

For example, if you see many customers utilising one of your voucher features a lot, you may want to encourage that feature even more with a better offer or perhaps with a push notification!

Whether you’re just getting started with mobile marketing or already have a full fledged strategy in place, the tips above will help you. Best of all, they are easy to implement and can be done in a day. Just make sure to test to see what works and what does not work with your customers as every small business is unique.

One of our friendly team to available to discuss your business app idea or to assist with the app you already have with Blue Monkee. Feel free to get in touch.


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