How to increase email signups

If you run an online business or do anything significant online, then the success of your endeavours depends largely on email signups and producing effective email campaigns. There are plenty of ways to increase your database of subscribers, but it does mean a bit of extra work on your part.

Offer Them Something

It is no surprise that people much prefer to do something when they’re going to receive something in return, rather than when they get nothing. Offering something, a free book or story for example, not just when they first sign, but on a fairly regular basis, will always attract more subscribers. What you get when people sign up to receive your email newsletter is a database of ready customers for whatever goods or services you want to sell.

Signup Pages

Subscribers are often put off when they are redirected to a dedicated signup page. If you really want more subscribers, the best thing to do is embed a data capture form on your main page. That makes it easier for visitors to simply enter their details, which will make them more likely to do so.


Run a contest or game where your subscribers can join in and win prizes. Whether that’s the latest copy of your new book or a helpful information document is up to you. Some webmasters will give out small financial rewards for people entering competitions, sweepstakes, etc. Offer a free short course, e.g. email marketing, formatting your book for Amazon – or how to increase your list of subscribers! People appreciate free information, and if you offer a course they are more likely to engage with you and even sign up for your newsletter.

Don’t Be Long Winded

Make your subscriber offers and emails short and sweet. Nobody wants to wade his or her way through a long document, especially first thing in the morning. Whatever you do or send, keep the information short, sweet, and useful and you will keep your subscribers’ attention.

Make Use of Your Comments Box

If somebody thinks that what you have posted deserves a comment, then they may also be likely to subscribe if you make it easier by adding that information to your comments box. Most people hate being transferred from one page to another, largely because their time is limited, so they appreciate anything that makes their life easier.

Placing Your Signup Form

You probably know that people don’t read things online in the same way that they normally read. Making sure that important information, e.g. your signup form, keeps them on the same page, and only requires minimal time to fill out. Some of the best places to put your signup box include the end of a post, the top of your page, and the top of the sidebar. Make the process easier for your prospects and you should increase your subscriber list dramatically. Another popular option is to add a pop-up box that is only activated when the customer is leaving the page they are reading. It means that they are not disturbed while reading your content.

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