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Meet Email Marketing Upfront: The Most Cost & Time Effective Way to Market

These days everyone has an email, and some people check their email more than they actually check their snail mail. Therefore, if you want to reach people you may want to shift your methods from traditional marketing to online marketing. Email marketing is a wonderful way to reach out to customers in just a few minutes. With smartphones, people get notifications within thirty seconds of a sent email; which allows you to send your customers an instant message – literally. This can be a great way to tell them about sales, promotions, or simply new products or services.

Any time an email is used to send out a message to numerous addresses and has a commercial overture, it can constitute email marketing. In fact, any time an email is sent to anyone that may be a potential customer for the company or a consumer then it can fall under the terms of email marketing. Therefore, a company needs to carefully think through any email that it sends out to its target audience. The most effective emails are carefully constructed to give customers information, promotional or other attractive offers, and of course easy access to their products or service.

Types Of Email Marketing

There are several different types of email marketing. The first is known as direct email. This type of email marketing is the most traditional and is also the most obvious. Generally speaking, this is the type of communication that includes a clear promotional element such as a special offer, announcement about a product, or other similar item. Companies generally collect email addresses for all of their customers and then send out these emails in bulk to everyone on their lists. Sometimes other companies or subsidiaries of a company have groups of email addresses that can be used to send out mass emails as well.

The second type of email marketing is called transactional email. These are emails that are sent after a customer has agreed to receive a certain type of email from the company. For example, it may be an email about a password reset, reorder, process of an order, or confirmation email. This type of email gives specific information to the customer due to an action they have taken. Wise companies send multiple follow-up emails in order to keep their brand name relevant, and so that they can include other offers inside the transactional email that will lead to repeat business.


The obvious benefit of email marketing overall is its cost efficiency. Compared to paper marketing there is almost no cost to email marketing. However, the efficiency of email marketing in terms of timeliness and reach is also undeniable. Thousands or millions of people can be reached in seconds via email marketing, and no other form of marketing can promise this type of result. With this in mind, any company that does not yet have a strong email marketing team in place should strongly consider building one. Hiring a professional is a great idea for a company that wants to get the most out of every email.

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