Digital Strategy

The digital marketplace is constantly changing. A digital strategy is an essential way in which your business connects with customers, without one, your business is at risk of losing out to your competitors.

A winning strategy

Our experts can help you create a roadmap that will allow you to identify, target and then interact with customers while our multi-platform approach will help you develop a winning digital strategy that has the widest possible reach.

We know the digital world and you know your business, so we believe that a workshop approach is the best way to create a solid digital strategy. We will work with you to identify the core priorities and objectives of your business and use them to build an effective digital strategy.

How we can help

We approach every client and digital campaign as an individual case. We are aware that the best digital strategy is one that is customised to fit with each individual element of your business. A typical strategy will combine SEO & PPC, social media updates, blogs and email marketing, with each platform complimenting the other and driving customers towards your product or service.

Discovery workshop

What are the objectives of your digital strategy?
Which customers do you want to target?
What digital activity have you tried already?

Strategy Workshop

What is your desired digital customer journey?
What are your current digital capabilities?
What are your digital priorities going forward?

Roadmap Workshop

Key gaps in your digital capabilities?
What work is required to address these gaps?
How is this work going to get done?

Your Product or Service

Regardless of whether you want to sell B2C or B2B, you need to make sure that your investment is profitable. We take a close look at market trends and search data to offer clients a realistic idea of potential returns on your investment. If we don’t think a particular approach is viable we will advise on alternative solutions.

Your Market

Identifying your market is essential to becoming a leading online business. We can help you identify the material, resources or content that your customer base is regularly browsing online, what their needs may be, and what you can do to grab their attention.

B2C based businesses should focus on social media, buying habits, and influences of online shoppers.

B2B businesses should focus on the industry as a whole and building their business model and financial strength.

The Competition

By knowing your competition you can target clients better. Gathering competitive intelligence will help you allow you to identify not only the strengths and weaknesses of your business but also those of your competitors, giving you an advantage in the marketplace.

Ready to embark on creating that all important Digital Strategy to transform your business?

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