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Managing our projects

Pre-Project Start

Specification Completed: Full specification is added as a Project Initiation Document (PID or brief).

Deposit Paid

Project Set-up: The project is set up and is ready for client interaction.

Client On-board: The client is contacted about the project procedure.

Collateral Collected: Collateral can include logos, graphics, brochures, literature and other marketing copy.

Site Map Complete: An inventory of any existing content created and the site map for the new site finalised.

Content Delivered: The content needed for the web site finalised and received from either the client or a copywriter, and is ready for insertion.

Wireframes Approved: Wireframes completed for at least the homepage and a single subpage, and the client has reviewed and approved them.

Build Stage

Initial Mock-ups Created: The first mock-ups for at least the homepage and a single subpage have been designed and shown to the client.

Final Mock-ups Created: Based on client feedback, the mock-ups are finalised and accepted.

Site Shells Created: Static page that has been coded from the design.

Content Management System (CMS) Setup: Server space allocated and the CMS of choice (e.g. WordPress or ExpressionEngine) is installed and configured.

Initial Prototype Developed: The site shells are integrated with the CMS and all of the content pages setup.

Final Prototype Available: A working prototype of the web site complete with content is finalised and ready for client review.

Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Favicons are generated for browser customisation.
  • Title & Meta data Analysis
  • Cross Browser Checks
  • Mobile Browser Checks
  • Proofreading completed
  • Broken Links identified and corrected
  • Functionality – Contact Forms etc. addressed and finished.
  • Graceful degradation e.g. JavaScript off
  • Validation
  • RSS Link
  • Analytics setup.
  • Sitemap
  • Defensive Design – e.g. informative 404 pages etc. and forms are created and tested.
  • Optimisation – http request, CSS sprites, images, compression etc. tested.
  • Backup strategy is agreed and put in place.
  • Print Style Sheet checked and tested.
Final Checklist
  • Balance Paid
  • Pre-Launch Review Completed: A review for any lingering errors and problems is done and the site has been cleared for launch.
  • Site Launched: All actions needed to launch the site are completed and it is working properly on the final domain name.
  • Post-Launch Review Completed: An additional review for errors and problems is completed and any necessary fixes applied
  • Client Training Conducted:
  • CMS has been completed
  • Hand over to client and support staff. Documentation provided as required.
  • SEO and PPC are available for further support.
  • Ongoing assistance and optimisation.
Project Planning