Project Management

How we manage our projects

Project Management with Blue Monkee

Your website or application is a considerable outlay for your business and is of critical value in positioning your business in the marketplace. At Blue Monkee we appreciate these values and we must maintain a consistently high level of service and product delivery – be that a website, a mobile application or an entire corporate network solution. To achieve that end we incorporate best practice into all our working procedures.


We have a dedicated Director whose role is to maintain these approaches and we employ a number of well founded project methodologies. Our software teams work within an iteration of the Agile project framework. This allows rapid project start up, constant customer interaction and short development periods. We can achieve your requirements in the fastest and lightest touch approach possible. We will create documentation for our customers’ products as we develop and have these documents available as user and administrator manuals to hand over on completion.

The Blue Monkee management team use a number of project management and collaboration tools to help run the teams and large scale projects. We use industry standard government-approved project methodologies such as Prince 2 and ITIL to enshrine our Agile teams into a wider quality framework. All our customers are given a project portal where they can track the progress of the commission, collaborate to share resources and communicate with our teams. This acts as an audit and iteration tool so we can manage the flow of each stage of the development process and keep everyone engaged. The quality of the final product is assured by having you the client have full involvement throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Project Management
We use a 35 stage framework to drive all our software product builds. This is our Project Planner that the client sees as each step is reached and fulfilled.