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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

search-engine-optimisation-belfastSEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to get your business website on to the 1st page of Google, without resorting to paid advertising.

Every single business within your industry wants to be at the top of Google and those who are currently ranking there, are undoubtedly paying for monthly SEO.

Attract, Convert, Grow

Our ultimate goal is to attract more traffic to your website and help you convert those visitors into buyers. We do this through:

  • Onsite Analysis & Optimisation
  • Online Competitor Research
  • Earning High Quality Backlinks with a Focus on Content Creation

The key to effective Search Engine Optimisation is engaging a company to manage your SEO and improve the position of your website going forward.


Why Choose Blue Monkee?

Improving your website’s position is a complicated process that takes time, expertise and precision.

We have some of the best SEO talent in Belfast on our team. This means that your business will benefit from their hard work, skill and methods.

We have with a proven track record in helping small, medium and large organisations to dramatically improve their rankings and traffic levels.  

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Our SEO Techniques That Convert...

  • Detailed keyword research

    We find those all important keywords that your customers actually use in the search engines and highly optimise your pages for them.
  • Our Team of SEO Experts

    Our in house SEO experts keep up to date with algorithm changes from the major providers like Google to ensure your one step ahead of your competition.
  • Measurable Success

    Our live SEO Reporting System shows you how successful your SEO Campaign is, with up to the minute ranking changes.
  • Affordable SEO Packages

    We have an SEO Package to suit your business and we help sole traders an multi national corporations daily.

View Our SEO Packages

We have SEO packages to suit all budgets

Compare SEO Packages & Pricing

The higher that your website ranks in the search engines results has a direct impact on the amount of visitors your site will receive.More targeted visitors will mean a sizeable increase in sales and a higher ROI for you.You will sell more products as your customers will perceive you to be a market leader, due to your high Bing or Google Ranking.

We have a proven track record in getting businesses in Northern Ireland, UK and Ireland to rank very highly in local, national and international web searches.

We only use Google approved methods (White Hat Optimisation techniques) to reach a higher ranking for your website. We have invested heavily in market leading analysis and reporting systems that give us an unrivaled insight into the performance of your website and those of your competitors.

Our in house SEO team will identify and address key issues on your website with the goal of getting your website up the search rankings quickly.

You can view our SEO Packages on the 'Compare SEO Packages' button above. The cost of SEO is different for every business, as it depends on several factors…

    How many keywords or keyword phrases do you want to rank for? Our minimum package starts at 3 keywords, which could be product names or the service you provide

    How competitive are your chosen keywords? For example,‘best SEO company UK’ will be a competitive area and will therefore cost more than ‘best SEO company in Belfast’

    Where do you want to rank? If you want to rank highly in London, New York, Glasgow and Belfast, it will cost more than if you simply want to rank highly in your local area

The majority of our clients allocate between £195 and £695 per month to their SEO budget – which compares very favourably to other forms of marketing.  SEO is fully measurable and you can see an immediate return on your investment.

By using our in-house systems to analyse every page of your current website, we can identify what’s working and what requires attention.

What SEO work are your competitors secretly carrying out? We can find out and improve your site beyond what they’re doing using our industry leading 'reverse engineering techniques'.

The best SEO is a constant process of reviewing the website each week and developing on-site content so that Google views it as original and helpful to users.

We will refine every aspect of your website (Meta Tags, Page Titles, Body Text etc) so that it appeals to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. We will use approved techniques to ensure that you remain in their 'good books'.

We will ensure that your business receives relevant, trustworthy, backlinks from websites all over the world, boosting your site’s authority and thus improving your position in the search engines.

Call us and see how we can help your business!  +44 (0) 2891 469 612